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The buildings of Physics department, Main & South 5th Buildings., are located at the campus at O-Okayama in the south-west of Tokyo, Japan.
Accommodations near O-Okayama
From Narita-Airport to O-Okayama (see the map here)
Trains are most convenient ways from Narita airport to O-Okayama.
There are two major train routes;

1) Take a JR Narita Express either up to Tokyo or Shinagawa station. Then change trains there to JR Yamanote Line (Major Loop Line of Tokyo, symbolized by green color). Take a train going clock-wise (direction to Shibuya/Shinjuku) up to Meguro Station.
Change trains there to Tokyu Meguro-Line whose station is located underground. Then take a train bound for Musashi-Kosugi or Hiyoshi, up to O-Okayama.

2) Take a Keisei Skyliner up to Nippori station. Then change trains there to JR-Yamanote-Line (Major Loop Line of Tokyo). The rest is the same as 1).
From O-Okayama station to the Department buildings
   (Main Bldg. and South-5 Bldg.), and I-House
Main gate of O-Okayama campus is one minute walk from O-Okayama St. See below for the direction to each building.
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