International Physics Leadership Program

FGIP:Foreign Graduate Student Invitation Program

Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology
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FGIP: Foreign Graduate Student Invitation Program
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The following 3 Application forms should be submitted.

PDF PDF version
  ・Application Form 1
  ・Application Form 2
  ・Application Form 3

Word Word version
  ・Application Form 1
  ・Application Form 2
  ・Application Form 3
Application Form 1 should be filled by the applicant (guest student).
Application Form 2 should be filled by the supervisor at home university.
Application Form 3 should be filled by the host professor at Tokyo Tech.

These can be written in Text Format as well if the same contents are included. The stay has to be minimum 2 weeks, maximum 1 month. The host student is a doctor course student of Tokyo Tech.

Deadline of application

The deadline of application is 20th in each month. For example, if you like to start your stay in November, the deadline of application is September 20th.

** Note that this rule has an exception: the deadline is June 20th, not July 20th, if your stay starts in September.