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About the Department

The Department of Physics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology offers an undergraduate course, and two graduate courses, the one for condensed matter physics, and that for particle-, nuclear, and astro- physics as shown schematically in the figure below.
In the course for condensed matter physics, we search for physical principles and new materials, and also investigate the properties and the structures of various existing materials. Through these activities, we are striving for bringing up the flexible and creative talented persons who can think by themselves. In addition, there are opportunities of the research and the education by way of the cooperation with company research institutes. Through active discussions with staffs as well as the advanced lectures on modern physics, graduate school students of our department will become aware of the richness of physics which they did not realize before. In the course for particle-, nuclear, and astro- physics, we elucidate physical properties of substances and the basic physical rules which govern the universe. Basic physics is the science of explaining, macroscopically, such complex phenomena as the origin of the universe, its present structure and the associated physical phenomena; and microscopically, such things as what happens within a nucleus, how the interactions between elements in the nucleus can be accurately described, what are the elementary particles, and what degree of symmetry is to be found in basic physical rules.
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