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Careers in Physics

Message to First-Year Students
In order to become professional physicists, most graduates from Department of Physics (Undergraduate Major) go on to Graduate Major in Physics. In the case of FY2013 (H25), out of 53 graduates, 49 went on to graduate programs (48 to Tokyo Tech, 1 to another university). The other 2 went on to regular employment (both in businesses).

As shown below, those who have graduated with masters or doctoral degrees in condensed matter or particle, nuclear, and astro. physics have gone on to work in a number of highly-specialized fields.
FY2013 (H25) Part., Nucl., & Astro. FY2012 (H24) Part., Nucl., & Astro. FY2013 (H25) Cond. Mat. FY2012 (H24) Cond. Mat.
Doctor Master Doctor Master Doctor Master Doctor Master
Doctoral Enrollment 4 9 8 4
Research Institution, University Researcher, Teacher
(Including Post-Docs)
  4   3 1 2 1 10
Employment Electrical and Electronic 9 1 8 1 13   15  
Machinery, Metal, Heavy Industry,
Precision and Transport Machinery
2   2   1   4 1
Other Manufacturing (Including Power and Gas)   1 4   2   2  
Information, Communications, and Computer 5   3 1 3   7  
Finance, Securities, and Real Estate 1   3   1   1  
Other Service Industries 1   1 2 1   3  
Civil Service     1       1  
Elementary, Middle, High School and Technical College Teachers         1      
Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology,